Rafiki Penpals

Rafiki Penpals Sponsorship Program

Create positive change and connect across cultures

Writing to your penpal supports positive change in the village.

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A wonderful way to connect across cultures through the art of letter writing.

The Rafiki Penpals Program offers a unique learning experience that creates positive change in village communities. Families write letters to their penpal (siblings may have one each). Seasonally, approximately four times a year, the letters will be collected and mailed or personally delivered to the village in Kenya.

Writing letters is an ancient art with many benefits. You will form friendships that can last a lifetime, develop cultural understanding of people from a very different place, practice your writing and reading skills and learn many new things about the world that can help you become truly global citizens.

With limited resources, children practice their writing in the dirt.

An additional benefit of this program is that all funds raised go directly towards empowering people out of poverty in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way. Through your sponsorship, Kenyan children on the program will be provided with books, pencils, writing paper and other learning materials, luxuries that most families would not be able to afford. Additional funds are invested into sustainable systems and resources to enhance the community’s quality of life such as heirloom seeds, rainwater tanks, composting toilets and integrated livestock (cows, goats, sheep, chickens, fish). We also facilitate educational programs in permaculture, health and wellbeing.

School children are happy with their new stationery and learning resources, donated by Community Classrooms.

Your sponsorship can make a huge difference to the life of a child and their community. Because most families in our Kenyan village on the Rafiki Penpals Program survive on less than $1 a day we have a suggested contribution amount of $1 a day to the program for Australian sponsors. This provides learning opportunities for your penpal child and enhances quality of life for the whole village community and environment.

So that’s just:

  • $7 a week, or
  • $30 a month

For families that feel they cannot contribute this amount but would still like to connect with their Kenyan penpal we ask for a minimum of $1 a week, that’s $52 a year to cover the costs of postage, paper, printing photographs and learning materials for your penpal.

How do I pay?

You can pay your preferred contribution by direct deposit (account details will be sent to you upon application – see form below). You can choose to pay this upfront ($52 a year) or on a regular basis ($7 a week or $30 a month). The program is not intended to become a financial strain on parents. Children are encouraged and supported (resources are in the development pipeline) to practice activism and social responsibility – using their passions and skills to fundraise their contribution and change the lives of others. Read more about family fundraising here.

Some families like to donate more than the recommended contribution. If you are thinking about doing this or would like to please contact us for more information.

Complete this form, save and email to penpals@community-classrooms.org to sign up

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