8 Interconnected project areas to CO-CREATE sustainable communities and PERPETUATE the sharing and celebration of culture worldwide.

It is well known that millions of people in the world today suffer physical poverty – hunger, thirst, preventable diseases and mis-education – yet people of the ‘developed’ and ‘western’ worlds are beginning to realise that poverty of a different kind also exists in their societies. With stressful, ‘stuff-centered’ lives, consumption outweighs connection and people suffer cultural, emotional and spiritual poverty. Collectively we have the resources and technology to end global poverty but do we have the time and foresight to influence the epidemic of socio-cultural impoverishment? The CULTIV-8 initiative opens a space to address these human inequalities and builds bridges between peoples of different cultures to collectively cultivate a harmonious balance and opportunities for all.


1: Community & Culture – RESONATE

Support the creation of a central community hub where people can come together and share traditional and evolving music, dance, storytelling, craft and culture. A place to share, grow and learn as humans being for a better world.

2: Environment & Food Security – PROPAGATE

Promote a sustainable agriculture hub of connected community gardens & integrated livestock management (poultry, fish, cattle, goats) where people (local and visiting) can learn permaculture and other organic principles through experiential workshops. Learning through doing.

3: Empowerment – LIBERATE

Fostering empowerment in action through several pathways that focus on collaboration instead of aid because, “handouts can become our prison” (Ben Akuru, Kenya). We currently support Social Enterprise Schemes in Sewing and the setup of a sustainable Tree Nursery.

4: Self-Sufficiency & Green Technology – INNOVATE

Sustainable solutions: solar power, solar ovens, rainwater tanks to gravity-feed, low-tech water filters… Using rubbish as a resource in building.

5: Education – COLLABORATE

Encourage VALID education and vocational training for people of all ages (context specific to benefit participants ways of life). Provide education scholarships. Form partnerships between schools across the Earth, inspiring children to write to each other, share their experiences and form global friendships; supporting projects such as school gardens, community-school-kitchens (with no kitchen at school many children learn without lunch), also assist with library, sports, science and arts equipment.

6: Health & Wellbeing – MOTIVATE

Various initiatives: improve sanitation, composting toilets, and mosquito nets; create local enterprise businesses making natural sanitary products for women and girls (enables them to continue schooling without embarrassment); health choices.

7: Information Exchange – COMMUNICATE

The Rafiki Penpals program links people from different lands through the connection of letter writing; developing skills, growing friendships and building bridges of cross-cultural understanding. Other projects aim to diversify conversations (local & global), different perspectives on ‘problems’ in other countries, climate change, political infrastructure, governance, identifying and expressing personal and local needs.

8: Grassroots Sensitivity & Inclusion – PARTICIPATE

We value contributions from all peoples and unite in diversity for resilience. It is about being involved and active in the co-creation of our existence. May it be a healthy and sustainable one that is in harmony with Mother Earth.