Growing the Permaculture Project


We recently invested $3000 (AUD) into the Permaculture Project in Kenya to increase food security and sustainability in an area that suffers food deficit for 9 months of the year. 4 villagers travelled across the country for 2 weeks to complete a permaculture design certificate course with the Permaculture Research Institute Kenya. Now they can come back to Nyangidi village and train the community in organic agriculture and permaculture practices, growing more food and filling hungry tummies for years to come. Here is what they had to say,

“Renewing, spurring on and a real eye opener are my estimation of the trip to Laikipia permaculture centre. The team from here, that is the four of us, assimilated an experience that to be told as it should is simply to relive it all in implementation, to truly depict it. Laikipia centre where we were staying is a lesson in itself, with all its sorts of vegetation, elements and systems in place. A most striking and sharp contrast to the farms just next door, let alone the very vast range lands lacking in diversity, and in turn no sustainability. In a nutshell, we are not only talking permaculture now, we are living and breathing this concept now. The trainers with Joseph leading, our classmates, the food, the accommodation, the local community and just the travelling itself was a start-up call to think of the next generation now and today.

Our immediate plans involve putting a micro demo-site at the land by the gate, incorporating other systems and elements to Dongruok Ber Group Members’ Gardens. A long term vision is to be a permaculture trainer and in the interim to introduce the concept to standard 6, 7 and 8 at the local primary school.

My trip to Laikipia was an eye opener as I got a real time opportunity to witness coordination of various projects of the local community there with the permaculture centre as the hub, thus lending me and CCC to get a newer perspective. The relatedness of the sewing school, library, pen pal program and permaculture here to harness a common and unique empowered identity hit me. I am reenergized from what I saw firsthand. I loved it and truly the self-sustaining dynamics if rightly coordinated, every community can contribute uniquely to the wellness of the World and be appreciated for it.”

Amazing stuff! Knowledge is power, and we love supporting people in their own empowerment for a healthier and happier world.

If you are able to contribute, even a few dollars a week, to supporting the growing self-sufficiency in Kenya please email us at and become a regular sponsor of this project.

Thank you from Sam, the whole Community Classrooms team, Nyangidi village and beyond xo

ted-tried-to-beat-the-indefatigable-jona-at-his-game-guess-who-lost img_7981 img_8139  Helen and Arlo 'hit the ground' digging when they first arrive in Kenya

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