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 From Nisa


Last year I was lucky enough to stay in a Nyangidi village in Western Kenya for 2.5 months with Sam’s beautiful Family. I had been trying to mentally prepare myself for months, with no idea what to expect, I felt a combination of terrified and excited. When I got to Kisumu I was greeted at the airport by one of the homestead brothers. The drive to the village was incredible, the flora was so lush and the sunset was like nothing I have experienced before.

I felt so welcomed by Sam’s family; it was an absolute honor to live with them. My first day in the village was beautiful. Waking up to the sound of the roosters in my mud hut, and stepping outside to village children running around, all excited by the arrival of the new visitor.

I had so many amazing experiences in Kenya, I made so many friends and got the opportunity to participate and help with Community Classrooms Cultural programs. I also helped out in the local school for a few weeks. The School has no electricity, running water and is very understaffed. Despite this, the children were always so happy. It is an amazing thing to see people so happy with what we consider in the western world to be ‘so little’.

For me, the highlight of my trip was talking to the local people; everyone was so friendly and always wanted to know about Australia. Some people would ask me ”Why did you come to Kenya? We all want to come to Australia!” Many people there have this idea that in the West we have everything, that because we have an abundance of food and unnecessary things, we live better, and are happier. But it’s not at all like that. For me I feel like places like Kenya have so much to teach us about community, respect and living together with nature.

My trip to Kenya was a huge learning experience. It taught me that you don’t need much to be happy; happiness comes from within, and from your family. In Kenya, the term ‘rich’ means rich in happiness, in friendship and family, in respect and in knowledge and tradition.

I had the experience of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to go back!
Aheri Kenya kabisa!

Thankyou Community Classroom and the Kakuru Family <3

Nisa xo


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