Donate Now

Where do your donations go?

You can choose to direct your one-off or regular donations to support the work of Community Classrooms through our programs, gift shop, or as a member of the organisation.

You can sponsor children and projects that support the development of sustainable communities through our Rafiki Penpals and Cultivate programs. These funds are allocated in accordance with: program and project objectives; the needs of the village, as identified by them (e.g. through Elders and community meetings); and the values of Community Classrooms.

Rafiki Penpals funding may be used to provide children with stationery and food on letter-writing days or the building of a structure to store supplies and hold children’s workshops.

The Cultivate Program is designed to support projects that deliver improvements in the areas of: education; health and wellbeing; self-sufficiency and innovative technologies; empowerment; community and culture; information exchange; and grassroots participation. Permaculture workshops and the provision of equipment and resources for small businesses are just some examples of Cultivate program spending.


Gift Shop
Give a gift that keeps on giving by donating through our online store. You can purchase a growing range of items or services such as books, mosquito nets, gardening tools and water tanks for families in the village. A virtual or printed card is sent to you or another nominated person on receipt in exchange for your donation.


Become a member of community classrooms to receive regular updates about our work, attend and vote at project meetings, and apply for volunteer positions. Membership costs just $10. This money goes towards non-profitable administrative costs associated with running the organisation, The One World Collective.


How to Donate

Direct Deposit

Donations to Community Classrooms can be made via your bank using Direct Deposit. This prevents money from your donation being taken by other financial service providers (credit card fees and other service fees), which means that everything you deposit goes to your intended program or project.

Bank name: Bank of Queensland
Account name: Community Classroom Collaborative
BSB: 124-156
Account number: 22204515

Please contact us when donating to let us know how much you want to donate and for what purpose.


For other payment methods (credit/debit card; PayPal) please donate through our FundRazr campaign: