CCC Achievements so far…

Community Classrooms Collaborative has been engaging with Nyangidi Village and the surrounding community for the last 5 years with local-led projects in the areas of health, education, food security and culture. There have been many challenges but the following list showcases some of our amazing achievements.

  • 250+ mosquito nets delivered, significantly reducing the risk of malaria for 500-1000+ people,Helen Donates Mosquito Nets
  • 40+ village locals educated in basic organic agriculture (permaculture) methods and gifted seeds to increase food security,
  • 200+ trees planted and cared for,
  • New garden tools and wheelbarrows purchased for community use,
  • 1 compost toilet built,img_7981
  • 140+ children in Australia and Kenya exchange letters through the Rafiki Pen Pal Program,
  • 50+ village students learn traditional drum, song and dances at Cultural School, culminating in community performances and celebrations,
  • 150+ children and adults access the Learning Library educational resources.006
  • Built library and filled with books, games, educational resources, pens, pencils, paper
  • Sponsorship of 4 villagers to attend a ‘Train the Trainer’ Permaculture and Community Development Course.
  • Permaculture leaders are now being supported to teach in the local schools, increasing food security and dissolving negative stigmas of ‘farming’ in the region.Pencil Happy
  • 15+ people from Australia, Asia and America hosted for village-immersion volunteer experience programs.
  • Over 150 cloth nappies delivered to women and their babies.
  • Over 1200 reusable sanitary pads provided for young women so that they can continue their education without fear of embarrassment.
  • Set-up of local village sewing group to make the sanitary pads and other products and gain income from employment.
  • Deliveries of clothes, shoes, towels and other items to villagers who currently have no means to access these essentials for themselves.
  • Support of local village sporting teams and the hope this provides for impoverished youth.



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