African Adventures in Upbeat Downstream magazine

Kyle from Upbeat Downstream magazine has featured another story from Community Classrooms director, Sam Willcocks. Download the article here to read all about Sam’s experiences in Kenya, her thoughts on traditional versus Western cultural values, the benefits of volunteering and more.


Visit Upbeat Downstream’s website for more inspirational stories about community and cross-cultural connections:

Our first newsletter

Jambo! Our first seasonal newsletter is here. Read about the arrival of our Penpal letters in Kenya, a fundraising story of local Sunshine Coast child Rio, opportunities to support the organisation’s growth and stories of village success in social entrepreneurship and permaculture. Download link:


Community Classrooms in Upbeat Downstream Magazine

Upbeat Downstream Magazine have published a story about Community Classrooms written by founder and director Sam Willcocks. Follow the story and read other articles online (first issue is free) via their website: