Community Classrooms is a not-for-profit charitable organisation.

Our Mission

It is our mission to cultivate empowerment in action and engage experiential learning to co-create healthy and sustainable communities.

Vision, values and goals

 Our vision is a globally whole yet locally diverse world of interconnected communities that value planet and people over profit; a world where humankind thrives in harmony with nature.

 It is our goal to eliminate physical poverty through the celebration of culture and the application of sustainable practices and technologies.

 Poverty alleviation through cultural celebration!

group photo
Sam (centre) with family in the village.

Empowered Development

Community Classrooms aligns with a decolonising paradigm of participatory development. Positive change is enacted in a co-creative way with and through those being impacted. We value every stakeholder, from the youngest child to the oldest elder, including the environment that supports and sustains the area. We go not as ‘superior’ but as fellow human beings with the desire to grow, learn and share together. We have lots to give – money, time, knowledge – but also much to learn about community, connection and simplicity.

The cogs of Community Classrooms: Education + Experience = Empowerment

Cheeky smiles from 'Dana' (Grandma). This lady is amazing! So giving, joyful and strong for nearly a century young.
Cheeky smiles from ‘Dana’ (Grandma). This lady is amazing! So giving, joyful and strong for nearly a century young.

Cultural Celebration & Preservation

Our worst nightmare is a homogenised comsumer culture that destroys humankind and our mother earth in the process. Cultures are dying every day. Lost amidst advertising and ‘getting ahead’,forgotten in fear of being ‘backwards’ and ‘uncivilised’. We say NO! Resilience is unity in diversity. We were not all meant to be the same. Culture is what colours our existence. It should be celebrated and shared. Our main aim and purpose is to explore how to embrace and exist in these modern times whilst acknowledging, respecting and stemming from ancient and rich human ways that have been closer attuned to the environment.

Fuse the power of modern thought with the soul of ancient wisdom!


8 Interconnected project areas to CO-CREATE sustainable communities and PERPETUATE the sharing and celebration of culture worldwide.

  1. Community & Culture – RESONATE
  2. Environment & Food Security – PROPAGATE
  3. Empowerment – LIBERATE
  4. Self-Sufficiency & Green Technology – INNOVATE
  5. Education – COLLABORATE
  6. Health & Wellbeing – MOTIVATE
  7. Information Exchange – COMMUNICATE
  8. Grassroots Sensitivity & Inclusion – PARTICIPATE

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